Bad “Cake Day”

Bakers, I know you can relate… That one day, when nothing seems to work. The same recipe, same ingredients, same temperatures, and BAAAAMMM!!!! There it is, the big black hole…

We had so many amazing reviews on our chocolate cake. Why should we change the recipe? So I baked for the cafe again yesterday thinking that I may have been in the wrong mood. And the cake just fell a hole again. Urgh, I was upset, so I took it out on the cranberry seed bread batter. (The bread was Perfect by the way)

This morning, I tried my same recipe, same ingredients but disaster strikes again. That big black hole appears out of nowhere. I promise, I did not even touch the oven!

So what now? What would the reasons be I ask myself… (and Google) and here was some things to consider I guess:

  • Incorrect oven temperature
  • Underbaking the cake
  • Expired baking powder
  • Too much baking powder or baking soda
  • Incorrect measurement of ingredients
  • Opening the oven door too early
  • Closing the oven door too sharply
  • Overbeating the batter in the last stage
  • Mixing the ingredients in the wrong order
  • Incorrect moisture levels
  • Incorrect pan size
  • Cooling the cake too quickly
  • Batter sitting too long before baking

So, which one of the above was it in my case? Well, it was two things to be honest… Yesterday’s cake, I was overbeating the batter in the last stage… Yes, guilty.

Today, I had the batter sitting too long before baking, because our café was very busy with early morning breakfasts… Guilty as charged.

I guess I would need to try again soon, but first, Carrot Cakes and Brownies!

Hope this helps someone next time it happens to you.