About our Coffee

Our coffee beans are roasted by a local Roastery, called Blacksmith Roastery. They have extensive coffee knowledge, and we love to work with them.

As coffee lovers ourselves, were very picky about the flavors and aroma, and after a couple of weeks of patience, and amazing knowledge from Madelene who not only talked the talk, but walked the walk with us, and a lot of customer feedback, and testing, we have settled on a roast that we believed, ticked all the right boxes.

We settled on a special blend made up from 100% Arabica beans from South America and Africa.

It is a Light to medium roast with notes of brown sugar, dark chocolate and hints of coconut, and allows for smooth aromas, and stronger brews to a customer’ liking.

We hope that you also enjoy our roast, made possible by experts in this field, just as much as we do.